Yarn Store Visit: Vulcan’s Rest

Today we were going to go to a tea, herb and art festival in Laurel but it has been very damp and rainy and it was supposed to be outdoors. I couldn’t find any confirmation that it was still being held so we pivoted and decided to drive up to Chesapeake City, Md for the afternoon.

I’ve been going to historical societies for my grant project about community cookbooks and there was one there! I got what I needed and we stopped at Vulcan’s Rest on the way back.

I had heard there was a big yarn store there but had never been. It’s in a very unassuming building right at the bridge at Chesapeake City.

I was a little headachy so I didn’t get any good pictures but it was exciting to see so many weaving and spinning items right there in person. They had some used looms for sale and not as much cone yarn as I would have hoped but it was fun seeing things like the Schacht rope machine and spinning wheels right there. Reeds, shuttles, all sorts of odds and ends!

It was local yarn shop day (total coincidence) and when Matt was checking out with a knitting book he wanted we heard someone say all yarn was 50% off. When he paid, his book was on sale too.

We left, drove a mile and then I wondered if the drum carder I saw would be in stock or on sale.

We pulled over to the side of the road and called and they said it would be 30% off! We turned right around and picked it up and some yarn for a project (a laptop cover) in Matt’s new book. What a score! It was already less than the list price I’ve seen it going for and I never see equipment on sale!

It’s the Strauch petite which seems like a good choice for me! We don’t have a lot of room but I really liked using a drum carder in my class last week. I have had an alert for used a used drum carder for for a year and never have found one this affordable and I’ve only seen a handful listed in all that time.

We will keep this store in mind! It was great seeing things in person and they sell indie designer things and bigger brands which most stores don’t see to around here. It’s a very large store!

It’s about an hour away but a very easy drive. The next closest store I’d go to is about 40 minutes so it’s really not that much further. Chesapeake City is a very cute town too. We loved the little museum and our lunch at Cafe on the Bay with a view of the canal. Much more fun to visit than the strip malls most of the other lesser yarn stores around here are in.

My only quibble would be that their website and social media is really out of date. I’ve tried many times to sign up for the mailing list and never seems to work. We just got lucky we impulsively decided to make the trip on local yarn shop day. There were no signs about the sale but they were very busy.

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