Hi, I’m Rachel. I’ve been a blogger since around 2000 back in the day when there were just a handful of blogs and before Blogger was sold to Google. In 2004 I started my recipe blog Coconut & Lime which was one of the very first food blogs. That was so long ago, I had to use third party hosting to post pictures! I’ve made a career out of creating recipes thanks to that blog and have written several cookbooks.

Blogging might not be as popular as it once was but I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to start one. I also review books at Rachel Reads Books and when the Covid-19 pandemic started, I started documenting what we cooked each day. That’s tapered off as things returned to closer to normal but I still check in.

So of course I’m documenting my journey into weaving. I started freeform frame loom weaving in January 2021 after reading this in the Strategist and made a ton of wall hangings. I have some for sale in my Etsy shop, Rya Knot. Then in June 2021 I purchased a Kromski Harpe Forte Rigid Heddle Loom and started this blog.

My Latest Posts

  • Lucet Cord Project: Simple Plant Hanger
    I made some cord on my Latchet Lucet and turned it into the “simple plant hanger” from A Knot A Day (day 7). I think it came out pretty cute! Strangely, this project required you to make a knot that appears on day 43 to secure the cords onto the wooden ring (which I had […]
  • A Knot A Day: 365 Knot Challenges for All Abilities by Nic Compton
    I’ve been making cords on the Latchet Lucet and wondering what to do with all of them so logically my mind went to knots. When I made the ringbolt necklace from The Year of Knots, I was working from a photo I took of the library copy and realized I hadn’t photographed the knot to […]