Weaving Rave: LoftyFiber

After the absolute fiasco of dealing with wacky Gist Yarn, I still wanted to get my reeds!

I did another search and found LoftyFiber and placed an order for both reeds, six cones of yarn for $218 (including $11.40 shipping) on Friday 11/18. That order was here, including the reeds(!!!) on Monday 11/23. One cone of yarn is back ordered because it took forever for me to check out but that’s okay!

The reeds were the suggested retail price of $69. They also carried what seemed to be the full range of Brassard cotton, including variegated for $2 less/cone than Gist charges for the exact same yarn.

I was not in a huge hurry for the reeds but LoftyFibers keeps them in stock so they ship out with the rest of your order. One less thing to be on my mind.

I could not be more pleased with how smooth this order went. Everything was packed well and USPS was speedy.

Now I need to figure out what my next project will be!

Yarn Store Visit: Flying Fibers

Over the weekend we made a trip up to Pennsylvania to the Landis Valley Museum Harvest Days and on the way we stopped by Flying Fibers.

I had come across the store on social media and it seemed like an easy detour. They had relocated their store to their farm which was fun to visit.

It was small but very well stocked and had a lot of yarn, fiber and notions that were very much our style.

I bought some roving to spin (sold by weight and some single origin bundles), some spinning wheel oil, a small eye shaped loom by Loome and a darning loom by Katrinkles.

Matt got some sock yarn to try with his lucet. All in all well worth the shop and only about an hour north. She even said if I wanted order something not on the online store (like the dyed roving) she could sell it to me over the phone. Traffic being what it is in the Baltimore Metro area, it took me just as long to get there as it would for me to go to the “closer” shops here.

It was really nice to shop in person!