Weaving Rave: LoftyFiber

After the absolute fiasco of dealing with wacky Gist Yarn, I still wanted to get my reeds!

I did another search and found LoftyFiber and placed an order for both reeds, six cones of yarn for $218 (including $11.40 shipping) on Friday 11/18. That order was here, including the reeds(!!!) on Monday 11/23. One cone of yarn is back ordered because it took forever for me to check out but that’s okay!

The reeds were the suggested retail price of $69. They also carried what seemed to be the full range of Brassard cotton, including variegated for $2 less/cone than Gist charges for the exact same yarn.

I was not in a huge hurry for the reeds but LoftyFibers keeps them in stock so they ship out with the rest of your order. One less thing to be on my mind.

I could not be more pleased with how smooth this order went. Everything was packed well and USPS was speedy.

Now I need to figure out what my next project will be!

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