Upcycled Basket

I had this metal fruit basket I got in a Causebox (or Fabfitfun?) subscription box that we used for years but the top rim separated. It wasn’t sharp or anything but because of the way it was made, if you put anything heavy in it, it would pull the spokes apart and lemons would tumble out.

I thought about glueing it but then I wondered if I could just weave it together? It turns out I could!

The yarn helped keep the spokes together and the slice/split on the top is nearly closed. I don’t think I am going to use it for fruit but it will be great for other odds and ends or craft supplies.

I started out with weaving a single yarn between every spoke at the bottom to close up some odd gaps and then switch to under two, over two for the rest with doubled yarn. I wasn’t being too exacting with it and tied on new pieces anywhere but where it ended so the pattern would switch.

It used a lot of yarn! I finished some scrap orange and pink yarn leftover from the temperature blanket and cardinal project. All total it must have taken me about 8 distracted hrs. Every time I thought I was nearly finished I realized I had more to go. I could probably squeeze even more rows in now if I wanted a tighter look.

The shape was a little awkward to hold but it was an easy project.

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