Finally a Spinning Class!

After my horrible “lesson” at Cloverhill where I never even got on the wheel, I checked Red Stone Glen again and they had a space in a spinning class I didn’t see before.

I immediately booked it. It was a full 8 hrs which was little daunting but better than the ones that are spread out over a couple days (or weeks!). My major complaint is that we had to bring a packed lunch which was awkward since I live 90 minutes + away.

I was going to drive up for the day but Matt said I should just book a hotel for a couple nights to make it less stressful. I’m glad I did even though York is absolutely empty during the week and boring. Anything is better than 3-4 hrs of just rush hour traffic. The hotel was about 25 minutes from the school but the drive was really pretty! Cherry blossoms and red buds are at their peak today!

I brought my wheel which was great and a real conversation piece at the hotel.

We started off learning about cleaning fleece then picked through cleaned fleece and used hand carders to make rolags. We made five then broke for lunch.

I snacked and read in my car then we went back in and spun.

I actually got fiber on my wheel! I am mostly interested in art yarn so my priority is not making perfect yarn to knit with or anything.

We spun the rolags and then we switched and spun some roving. The roving was surprisingly harder! We spun equal amounts and then plied them. I picked dark fleece to card and white roving for a sort of bakery twine vibe.

Then we used a niddy noddy to wind it up then wet set it.

It is not super even but I actually felt like I got the hang of it! It was so much better than trying myself at home. It’s great to hear what to do when your fiber does XYZ and can adjust.

Totally worth the money and effort!


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