Spring Frederick Fiber Fest 2023

It’s back! We got there really early this year because there was supposed to be a big storm in the afternoon. It’s about an hour away.

There was a group of people who did Nordic crafts and were demoing sprang weaving, nålbinding, weighted warp weaving, card weaving and chain mail. That was interesting! I really want to learn nålbinding and sprang seems neat. They didn’t seem to offer lessons or have a website or anything. It almost seemed liked they lived like this like in Beforeigners but I guess they are more like reinactors. They all looked quasi-related. Edit: I find out they were part of a group called Njörðr’s Wanderers.

Matt got some yarn to knit a hat and I got some fiber to spin. I really have a stash going since I bought some in the fall not thinking it would be April before I actually took a class. But it’s expensive to ship and no place really sells it locally so it seemed better to get it while I can. I’m excited to get spinning!

Our plan had been to get the festival then get lunch and go to the historical society for my grant project but it was so windy we ended up leaving and going home. It was like a dust storm! That was disappointing but no way we could eat outside in that and it looked like it might rain earlier than predicted. I felt like Dorothy in Kansas.

At least we got there so early it was only a little after noon when we got back.

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