Knitting Class # & Finished Hat

It was freakishly warm (75°!) so I spent a few hours cutting up some of our old clothes to make rugs with in the future. It’s too dusty to cut them up inside so it was great to have a warm day in the winter to get some done. The cut up pieces take up so much less space than the clothes which is a major bonus!

As a crafty aside—I harvested some crocuses and snow drops (really early for them) and pressed them in the flower press Matt got me for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never pressed flowers before!

Next thing I knew it was time to leave to go to our second (and final) knitting class. They never got back to us about how far to knit so we had to do some fast knitting to get the point where we could use the double pointed needles. We had stopped at the first decrease at home but we kept going until the opening was smaller before we switched to the needles. Oddly the other people had finished their hats? I’m not sure why. The instructor did bring some sample balls to try the double pointed needles but we just worked with them on our hats.

My turned out pretty cute despite my somewhat lackadaisical approach to counting.

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