Festive Maryland Recipes

In my professional life I am a recipe developer and one of the books I’ve been working on is coming out in the fall and is now available for pre-orders! (you can buy my older books, published by Simon & Schuster via my Amazon author page)

Festive Maryland Recipes features my modernized versions of vintage recipes complied and researched by Kara Mae Harris of the blog, Old Line Plate.

The book focuses on recipes Marylanders have used to celebrate New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, St. David’s Day, Strawberry Festivals and more. Included are stories and vintage recipes about traditions from around the world and how they have been celebrated in Maryland.

What I did was take these recipes and “modernize” them for modern kitchens by standardizing the ingredients, equipment or technique or generally adapting them to modern cooking styles and tastes. There are over 20 recipes included from an updated plum pudding to raised potato doughnuts and classics like Maryland stuffed ham.

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