Knitting Project #3 Snap Dragon Scarf

I bought this kit from Sheepish Creations at a fiber festival years ago (I know it was pre-Covid and maybe even a quite a bit before that) with the idea it would spark the idea of knitting again. When I got home I realized I didn’t have the right needles and had no idea what the direction “P across dropping wrapped stitches” meant and tucked it aside.

It always was on my mind though so when we took the knitting class and I enjoyed working on the cowl I ordered the size 19 needles it called for and was able to knit it up last night while watching Vera.

I realized I was very rusty using straight needles, even in the class I took years ago where we didn’t knit in the round, we used circular needles. I don’t think I’ve ever knitted much on straight needles at all.

I think I accidentally mixed up the right and wrong side once or twice while knitting but with this pattern, it really isn’t important. It’s a short scarf so the part that looks “reversed” is behind my neck and even if it wasn’t, I don’t think anyone would know something was “wrong”.

I figured out that by “drop the wrapped stitched” it just meant to let the yarn over drop down. I didn’t block it super well because I don’t have a board or even much in the way of flat surfaces in the house. But I think it’s still cute! Tying on the Wensleydale locks was fun and gave it a neat look. I did the button the best I could because that wasn’t explained and it’s a very airy scarf!

I also learned that even if it is a tiny hank of yarn I need to break out the swift before winding it into a ball. This had a thick and thin yarn and a thin merino silk with sparkles and that thin yarn, despite looking like a cord tangled up so badly! It took longer to fix that than it did knit the scarf.

I’m so happy to have it done! I am not someone who starts projects and doesn’t finish them and having an unfinished (and fairly pricey) kit really bothered me.

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