Lucet Cord Project: Ringbolt Necklace

I used my latchet lucet to make the Ringbolt Necklace from The Year of Knots. I had checked the book from the library and took pictures of the pattern. I’ve since ordered the book from a discount book store but I don’t have it yet and didn’t know how to finish the necklace so I taught myself this knot to make an adjustable closure.

I initially used the 3 inch wood ring she calls for but that made for a massive, as my husband put it, “Flava Flav-esque” necklace. I downsized it to a 2.2 inch ring which was still big but not novelty sized. I don’t know if it’s exactly my style of jewelry but it was fun to make it from the cord to the knots! It would be perfect to wear to a fiber arts event.


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