A Knot A Day: 365 Knot Challenges for All Abilities by Nic Compton

I’ve been making cords on the Latchet Lucet and wondering what to do with all of them so logically my mind went to knots.

When I made the ringbolt necklace from The Year of Knots, I was working from a photo I took of the library copy and realized I hadn’t photographed the knot to finish it off. I found a different (?) knot online but thought maybe I should check the book out again or get my own copy. I really didn’t remember what else was in the book, I had checked it out with a ton of other fiber crafts books, took pictures of two necklace projects and returned it.

I looked for the book online and found it cheaply at Book Outlet and saw a suggestion for Nic Compton’s A Knot A Day, A: 365 Knot Challenges for All Abilities so I got that too. I currently don’t see either on Book Outlet so maybe I got lucky?

I found I kind of missed working my birthday to birthday temperature blanket since I finished the last square in August but had no desire to make a new one. Why not knots?

I’ve only done the first six knots but so far it’s not bad. I don’t really know if one knot builds on the next (there is everything from knotting a tie to macrame) but the pictures are pretty solid and are of actual photos of rope or fabric and not those weird line drawings that seem so popular.

I did find that I had to mentally flip one knot picture over to make it match the directions but maybe that was just me? Skipping ahead I did see one project where it didn’t look like it gave you a set length of rope when it seemed like it should but I didn’t notice that by and large.

Some days call for other items like sticks and wooden rings (luckily I have some rings leftover from the necklace making!) or bottles to tie up so I will have to look forward to make sure I had what I need ahead of time but it seems like a quick, manageable way to learn some new skills. I never learned much in the way of knot making before so it will be fun.

We will see how it goes!

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