Handwoven Bread Basket

I took a basket weaving class at Manor Mill, a refurbished mill that has become an arts venue of sorts out in the middle of nowhere Baltimore County.

The class was by Louise of Bey-Her Baskets who was so nice and a great teacher.

It was just me and one other woman at noon last Friday. Neither of us had woven a basket before but in 3 hours we both had a finished, very professional-looking bread basket.

It was so much fun! I might take another class, there is one where you get to make a handle coming up. I had no idea basket weaving could be so easy! It really looked complicated but wasn’t and Louise gave us some good tips and ideas about tools like the Lash buddy that really helped. I have a couple basket weaving kits I got for Christmas and I had picked up that I was too intimidated to try but I think I can now.

She sent us home with the instructions and some leftover bits from our baskets.

I really couldn’t be more pleased with my basket, my experience (even though it was on the third floor of the mill and the steps were narrow and slippery) or the class. Highly recommend!

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