Knitting Progress: Hat

I’ve been working on the hat. I kept going with the same yarn (Wool of the Andes worsted in fjord heather) they told us to get even though the pattern called for chunky. They also had us buy double-pointed needles and the pattern doesn’t call for them.

I’m guessing the idea was to use them instead of just decreasing. I asked twice before we left class how far in the pattern we should get before next week’s class and they just sort of looked at me. I emailed them and haven’t received a response.

Surely we should have “homework”! I can’t see why else the second (and last class) would be in two weeks or how we’d have enough time to get far enough in the hat during the next class to learn how to finish it. We aren’t fast knitters! I’ll just keep on keeping on.

I think it looks pretty good! The ribbing looks really good on about 3/4 of it but then I think I split the yarn and then knitted it back together to get the stitch count right and some of the ribbing is a little funky.

I saw on the pattern that the author suggests it as a second project after a cowl pattern she has on Raverly so I got the materials and pattern for that too. I have to get a crown tomorrow and I will have a long wait between dental work so I think I might try to work on it at a library or the waiting room. Our house is a little far to come home unless things go a lot faster than I expect tomorrow morning.

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