Weaving Woes: Gist Yarn

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a prize. This next bit is a little extra layer but not 100% relevant to the story.

I hinted at this earlier and I realize it seems persnickety but there is another reason why I felt their response was a little strange. Gist is selling the 18” reeds for $79 while other dealers are selling them for $69. I know Schacht sets a suggested retail price (you can see it here, it’s $69) and dealers like Gist can choose what they actually charge for their Schacht offerings. Very standard in this scenario; no problem there. I totally accept that Gist is free to charge whatever they want. Good for them, I knew this when I placed the order.

Still, this means they are charging about 14% more than another dealer I can find for the exact same product. The discount was only 6% over that. Again, that’s up to them but they are making more of a profit off the reeds than most other dealer at both online and brick and mortar stores are. It seems so weird to quibble over this small amount with a customer over a mistake your company made when you are already making a large margin over the suggested retail price that most other dealers charge.

Maybe they can’t offer a discount on the reeds (I will say a localish yarn store has Schacht for 10% off right now) but since it was 100% their mistake the code was on their ad you’d think they would accept a small loss on this sale.

In this case the reeds ship from Schacht, not Gist so they are just passing the order on. There are no extra physical labor costs for their employees or storage on their end or anything like that. There would be a multi week wait for my reeds because they don’t keep them in stock. Again, totally fine! I wasn’t in a hurry. But it’s not like you are paying a premium for a better experience than you get at other stores or dealers.

At Gist’s prices, the two reeds were discounted a total of $32. Coincidentally a single 8 oz cone of their Mallo yarn sells for $32 on their site. Surely they’ve had to damage out a single cone of yarn at some point.

At any rate, I can’t see recommending Gist to anyone or trusting them with my money or order.

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