Weaving Sticks Project: Necklace

I made this by modifying a project from the new peg loom book. She had you starting off with four weaving sticks to weave a small portion then breaking them into two sets of two to make a necklace that came together in a decorative piece in the center.

I did that but I didn’t feel like the tension of the decorative element really held together after I completed the necklace part. I ended up cutting it off, sewing the ends of the necklace together and covering it with a stick woven “bead”. I think it came out okay!

Weaving with sticks is basically the same as peg loom weaving but without the base. Maybe it’s possible if I did the project in a single sitting (it’s in the “evening makes” chapter) I could have kept the tension better? Every time I picked it up, it seemed looser and it was hard to keep it from unraveling.

This is how it looked in Playful Peg Loom Weaving by Stéphanie Fradette:

I think my modifications worked well!

I used Rainbow 8/4 cotton by Hobbii. It used less than a skien so the total cost had to be at around $1! I had bought a bunch of this yarn for my rigid heddle but it tangled too much when warping so I was excited to use some up.

I used these metal weaving sticks I ordered from this UK site that I realized later must be where she bought hers because they look identical to the ones in the project pictures. It was literally the only place I could find weaving sticks this small. Delivery was very quick—I did have to sign for it. The delivery price was steep but the owner did refund me the difference between the flat rate and the actual cost since my order was so light. All in all, I think I paid about $10 for shipping to the US? Really not bad at all. I ordered the six pack and a pack of the wooden weaving sticks he offers. It’s a neat little site if you are interested in reenacting (I’m not) or old time crafts/cooking tools.

I don’t know if I would have thought about making cords with weaving sticks without that book!

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