A Little Decoupage Interlude

I’m taking a class a big arts/crafts center in a few months and they urged us to bring a “mood board” which okay, not really my thing.

But I did do a lot of decoupage on wooden objects years ago and have been tearing pages I like out of magazine basically since the beginning of the pandemic.

My mom loved magazines and after she died a couple of years ago she had already paid for a lot of them in advance so my dad kept saving them for me. I get a couple magazines myself (including recently, People, which I don’t pay for and is horrible quality for paper crafts and Vanity Fair which is good for pictures) so between the two households I had a bunch of pages saved up.

I ordered some sponge brushes, Mod Podge (matte) and wooden plaques and knocked this out in a few hours. I think it looks pretty cute! I yanked out all the pages I had with similar colors and went to work. I like to decoupage as I go and don’t plan it out or pre-cut anything. Just layer and cut as the magazine page comes up in the pile until it’s completed.

I was amazed I had so many pictures with similar shades of purple! My favorite thing is to “hide” things in the design like corn, plates, wheat berries and table linens among everything else.

I might make another in a different color palette but at least I have one to bring. They also wanted some fabric/trim/weaving inspo but I don’t really have magazines that would have much of that. My goal for the class is to create something busy and colorful so I think this gets that idea across!

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