Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival 2022

One of our favorite fiber festivals! It’s still going on until 4 and tomorrow 9-4 at the Howard County Fairgrounds if you are local. It’s free! I think it was quite a bit bigger this year, it’s still fairly compact but they opened up at least one new space and had 17 new vendors.

Last year we ended up with a few odds and ends but this year we both had some projects in mind and went to shop!

Matt really wants to try felting so we picked up a cute felting sample set of roving from Bauer Family Farm featuring a bunch of basic colors. He wants to try some projects from the Woolbuddies book I bought him and this will help! I also got some roving to spin from them in an unexpected for me pumpkin colorway and something more in my usual color palate.

We bought some larger bags of roving and felting needle holders from Alford Family Farms and Spinnery.

I really need to get on my spinning and get good! I’m glad I bought a bunch of fiber the last couple months though because it will be months before it’s fiber festival season again. I don’t love buying that sort of thing online.

I bought a skein to use as weft on a scarf I’ve had warped on my Wolf Pup for months. I really had a hard time matching a yarn to the color I have as warp. I thought it would go well with some yarn I already had but it didn’t. My goal is to really use my floor looms this winter and get really good at warping then so I can go to MAFA and take a class without slowing people down.

I bought a skein of hot pink splotchy yarn from 7th Floor Yarn to go with with some hot pink I bought earlier in the year. Both times they were on clearance; am I the only hot pink lover?

The Chesapeake Fibershed was there with fun examples of natural dying with various mordants. It was great to see how the different they were in person and not just a book. I’ve been following them online (I think they are pretty new?) so it was neat to see them have a presence at the festival.

We just really like the alpaca festival! Everyone is nice, there seems to be more colorful yarn/fiber for sale (more our speed) and is big enough to get what you want without being overwhelming.

A few sellers had darning eggs of various sizes. I’m sensing a moment!

After we drove 10 minutes to pick up some kimbap for lunch. How I missed them! Since it’s cold, it was perfect to bring back and eat at home. All in all a very pandemic friendly outing and we were back by 1pm eating and watching Bake Off.

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