I bought my dad a potholder loom and extra cotton loops for Christmas because he had said that he remembered making them as a child. He makes paintable wooden objects that he donates to a domestic violence shelter during the warmer months when he can work outside but he didn’t have a craft to do when it was cold or in bad weather so I thought he might enjoy it.

Recently he said he hadn’t tried it out yet because his arthritis was acting up. I wondered if there was some trick that might make it easier so I used a gift card and bought myself a larger “pro” loom to try it out myself.

I went over to help him with some paperwork recently and before I left I whipped out my loom and the practice potholder I made the night before and told him it was time to potholder!

He didn’t need help at all! He quickly made a potholder and finished it off. He said he thinks he was even making them when I was a baby. Why didn’t anyone think to get me one? So many weaving years wasted.

It was nice doing a little father-daughter craft project! Normally we just eat lunch and get to work.

I can see how people get really into this! It was fun trying different patterns and color combos.

It was a bit of a workout, hooking those hoops was much more difficult than looping yarn around my pin looms. My Apple Watch thought I was exercising.

I will say that the Harrisville loops are pretty pricy. They are the only ones I can find that are 100% cotton and heat safe so I guess they cornered the market. It is a sturdy loom though. I think I’ll try cotton yarn but I know my dad would be more comfortable with the loops.

I did order some loops directly from Harrisville, along with some cone yarn for other projects so I’ll definitely make some more. It’s nice to have something small to work on in the evenings.

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